About us

Suzanne Roberts – BSc (Hons), AKFRP

Suzanne is an intuitive and skilled communicator who believes that past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future potential. She believes that when people creatively use feedback from life experiences and model different ways of thinking, the “doing what you have always done, getting what you have always got” pattern develops into an “if what I’m doing now isn’t working, doing something different will” attitude. After 25 years in banking, Suzanne has expanded her expertise as a facilitator and personal coach. She motivates others to improve their skills by helping them to highlight their development areas and encouraging them to discard their limiting beliefs, working with their value systems and modelling the skills they need to become the best they can. Suzanne is a qualified Brain Gym® and Touch for Health Consultant and Instructor as well as Faculty for Brain Gym® in the UK. She is an INLPTA qualified NLP Trainer, mBit Coach and an expert on metaprogrammes (being licensed to use the Thinking Styles® instrument). Her belief in lifelong learning encourages her to continue her own development and she proudly gained a degree in Health Sciences in 2014 after 3 years of full-time study. She is currently studying Functional Nutrition with Andrea Nakayama and has recently gained Heartmath® Certified Practitioner status. Her clients have included Leeds Mental Health Trust, North Yorkshire Police, Environment Agency and Wakefield Council for whom she delivered the Springboard Women’s Development programme.

Geoff Roberts – MSc, FCIWEM, MCMI

Geoff is one of our Principals and focuses especially on helping people create successful change in themselves, their teams or their organisation. He challenges individuals, teams and whole organizations to recognise and deliver their outstanding potentials, believing passionately in the ability of everyone to exceed their own expectations of themselves. Clients describe Geoff as being:

  • challenging
  • open-minded
  • creative
  • thoughtful
  • passionate
  • generous
  • straight-talking
  • friendly…
Geoff started his career as an analytical chemist in the animal feed sector before moving to the water industry, where he rose to head all of the company’s quality regulatory efforts, Health and Safety and Environmental Affairs; at the same time he was pursuing a parallel career in organisational change and development, facilitating most and even co-designing some of the major interventions that transformed the culture and performance of the organisation over a 15 year period gaining an MSc in Organisational Change in the process. He now draws on that expertise in personal, team and organisational change to help improve personal and organisational performance by focusing primarily on how people need to change to facilitate wider change in the systems of which they are part – be they at home or work. Geoff has designed and delivered numerous coaching, team development, manager and leader training programmes as well as facilitating major organisational change. His clients have included South Staffordshire Water, Anglian Water, Scottish Water and he is currently coaching on the prestigious Roads Academy programme.